The Miraculous Fern

In the Carinthian forests, the “Črna Baba” makes hail storms, and the “Divja Jaga” makes noise to the lumberjacks. In winter, “Pehtra Baba” rushes from the forests below Triglav to the villages and scares the children. Jagababa is also a forest soul, a wild woman with a house standing on chicken claws… Let's just carefully nurture the magic of these 58.2% of the surface of our beautiful country.

People in our region believe that if a fern seeds fall into your shoe on summer solstice eve, you can hear what the animals are talking about. The old people believed that John the Baptist was traveling across our villages that night, too. So in the evening they went to gather ferns in the forests and threw them over their shoulders on the roofs of houses, so John the Baptist could lie down softly if he was tired on the way. This incredibly interesting story inspired us to create finest cotton satin bedding with fern print to really immerse yourself in the magic of our forest life…

“And who knows, you might even hear animals talk!”

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