A very special place. Here our home textiles are sewn, printed and photographed. It is our showroom where we serve you coffee when you visit us. On dark polished concrete counter, Saša spends most of the working days silkscreen printing and designing home textiles. The antique table is for meetings, on the black rex chair Mitja, landscape architect, designs timeless gardens and landscapes. In fine weather, we sip coffee outside on white terrace in lush green abundance. In the spring with a view of more than 600 daffodils. In summer, in the shade of a walnut with a taste of wild strawberries picked just around the corner of the studio. In autumn among the enchanting colourfulness of wild perennials and ornamental grasses. In winter with a woolen blanket and the sweet fragrance of winter-flowering witch-hazels. Through large glass surfaces of our contemporary wooden studio we observe the variability and transience of time…

"We really adore our own modern interpretation of the typical barn of our region"

Feel free to visit us in our showroom, just please call us in advance!

+386 41 342 630 (Saša)

With its wooden walls, the studio has become a family creative nest. Of course, our cat has also found a place on the oiled oak floor. During the week, homework is written here at the same time as hens are silkscreen printed on a textile and landscapes are designed with a thick pencil on paper. There really aren’t any traffic jams on our way to the office. Neighbors, however, would say the lights are on often late into the night.

(H.O.M.E. magazine, february 2019)

We are brand with true cultural heritage behind its core values!

(Mitja Škrjanec, landscape architect, october 2018)

“Jagababa is all about patterns, colours, and textures inspired by nature, traditions, architecture and everyday life for wellbeing and happiness at your home.

“I believe in handmade and artisanal products, not throwaway #madeinchina stuff…

I believe in human-centred design, authentic craftsmanship and sustainability!”

(Saša Drobnič Škrjanec, december 2016)

Their philosophy, which permeates every nook and cranny of the Jagababa creative studio, is: local before global, quality before poorly-made, natural before artificial, and original before copying. From the very beginning, they have searched for and also found something recognizable,something with that twist, even a little naughty and magical.

(NAŠ DOM magazine, august 2020)

This is where our designs become home textiles through small scale, artisan production.”

"Discover the family, pattern language and skills behind the design and craftsmanship."

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