Monogram Napkins for a Wedding Feast

We silkscreen print the initial of your name or the names of your loved ones on a fine cotton napkin. For a very special gift, for a surprise when celebrating anniversaries, for a family holiday celebrations, for a memory of an unforgettable wedding day, for all the great feasts or breakfast for two in bed. Because your grandparents also had beautiful home linen with embroidered monogram. Because it’s nice to have something completely yours and because it’s nice to give something just for you… And at the same time telling stories to future generations.

In the past, we found the embroidered initials of our names on many napkins, tablecloths and also bed linens. This signified the ownership of household linen, as table linen was often lent to neighbors when they had a celebration – a wedding, a baptism, or some other feast. The more richly decorated monograms, of course, belonged to the rich families, and thus showed their position in society.

“Our napkins revive this habit in a modern way, but the message may remain the same: each of us is unique and unrepeatable.”

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