Discover the family, pattern language and skills behind the design and craftsmanship.

We are family, living and working in small village near Ljubljana capital. We design home textile with pattern language of the local stories. Our silkscreen graphics take you to the grandma’s garden where you can find running hens, big fruit trees and bouquets of peonies. We invite you to stroll among our vibrant forests and flowering meadows. Always inspired by our vivid traditions and modern living. We are proud to make things in our own backyard. We are really glad to make your home special.


Our linens are a joy to be treasured and passed down through generations...

what does Saša say about spring?


For me, spring irrevocably begins when a neighbor brings us the first free-range eggs from her backyard. There’s nothing like the first egg happy dance after long dark winter days.


when does summer start for Vid?


Summer begins in mid-June when the first cherries are ripe on our huge old cherry-tree. My sister Pia somehow disagrees with me because for her, summer begins on summer solstice, when she catches the first firefly in her palms and shakes a fern in her shoe to hear what the animals are blabbering on…


what about Mitja's Autumn?


I love autumn. She is like a fine lady in a dress with colorful pleats and a suitcase full of goodies. He comes to visit and stays at least until mid-October. That’s when she has a date with St. Martin, who invites her to a glass of beaujolais


why Pia can hardly wait for winter?


Winter begins when St. Nicholas begins to bake cookies in the red-pink sky of late autumn evenings. Winter is a bowl of my grandfather’s sauerkraut and neighbour’s meat sausages. Winter smells of pork cracklings, mmm…


We hope you will love our products just as much as we've loved producing them!

We believe that stories are at the heart of things, and we are here to tell them. Stories about the people that surround us, about the wonders of our cultural heritage and our pristine nature, about the questions that arise from every day life. About what makes us human. We also believe that stories and objects are diverse and valuable companions in our everyday life. Our home textiles are the embodiment of our values.


What you can expect from us is unique, fun, sophisticated and elegant designs.

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