We believe that stories are at the heart of things, and we are here to tell them.

We are family, living and working in small village near Ljubljana capital. We design home textile with pattern language of the local stories. Our silkscreen graphics take you to the grandma’s garden where you can find running hens, big fruit trees and bouquets of peonies. We invite you to stroll among our vibrant forests and flowering meadows. Always inspired by our vivid traditions and modern living. We are proud to make things in our own backyard. We are really glad to make your home special.


Premium home textiles for your kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, kid’s room and garden. Look no further than this. Because you love to stand out from crowd!



We embrace locally made, good quality, unique pieces that are made to last. Our storytelling products are designed and made in our workshop. Because you really care!



We belive that good design improves our lives. We belive in handmade. Not just design and craftsmanship. Our home textiles are the embodiment of our values. Simple as that.


100% LOVE

The home is the place where love should be experienced the most. Our collections have been designed to mix and match, creating interiors that are easy to live with.


A little twist – that is what your home has been missing.

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