World Bee Day

We were celebrating the first World Bee Day, May 20th 2018, with our pattern treasures of the beehive. Sweet, sticky and delicious honey has been harvested by humans for over 8.000 years. Bees are vital to the future of the Planet.

As one of earth’s major polinator groups, bees are the key thread of the web of life on our mother Earth. The Carniolian honey bee, Apis mellifera carnica, is an indigenous slovenian race of bee and the second most widespread bee race in the world. So, let us share the passion of beekeeping and care for bees with those around us.

“Doing our bit for the environment also makes us feel better. We are trying hard to keep the footprint as small as possible, as well as limiting any waste, using minimal packaging & recycling packaging where possible – it might be a small step but every little count’s, right?”

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