Classic Polka Dot and Donuts

Our Collection is characterised by a unique combination of modern and playful charm. Featuring fun and bold design, luxurious materials and a feel of timeless elegance. We have created a distinctive style that runs through all our silkscreen work, giving it a timeless quality and design that works with both modern and classic interiors. And you know what? We love you for loving our local and small business.

Polka dot pattern. Funky and vivid. Saša says:

“I totally love what I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Growing our business to be huge? No, family business is just right, because I enjoy working with people I like and trust, to help deliver fabulous products. As a designer, I find it exciting that many of us are looking to the provenance of the things we buy, taking time to consider the skills and the craft behind the product. Learning the basics was the best thing that ever happened. I loved it, and it gave me a good understanding of pattern, pattern repeat and the restraints of design. Being creative, it’s a joy to see a move back to sewing, home-making and traditional skills. When you make something, it’s truly bespoke and has meaning!”

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