Pigglet and Cabbage

The Krškopolje pig is the only preserved Slovenian autochthonous pig breed. The name is associated with the southeastern part of Dolenjska, the area of Krško-Brežiško polje and the slopes of Gorjanci, where the breed has developed and survived to this day. In older literature sources, the Krškopolje pig is also called a black-banded pig.

“We make textiles that are useful, beautiful to look at and just a little bit special. For bold, creative souls who love to express themselves.”

Our graphic pattern is a tribute to the king of animals, as we like to call a pig in Dolenjska. Not so long ago almost every house in our village respectfully bred one or two piglets for the winter. Mitja’s grandmother called each one by name because she cooked him full board every day. Before the festive slaughter ceremony, she prepared a hearty last supper for him. She herself has not even tasted meat for at least 14 days since then. What a deep respect and in gratitude! At that time, she ate cabbage and kohlrabi only.

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